Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hypactive Just like not just

Hypactive entertainment is the newest and first of its kind in Africa, a music distribution network made for music, run by music, loved by music. A network custom made for the sake of music distribution, every song on has an equal chance to be seen as to every artist on it. Where music does not expire or is not being played because of its age, where every song can be a classic as it can be easily accessed forever,

where all your fans can hear and follow you.
On what you will get is:
Music promotion as it should be, easy.
An account for each artist regardless of the genre the artist represents.
All audios of each artist are connected together in one account.
All videos of each artist are connected together in one account.
No song will be deleted on regardless of genre.
A direct link to all songs to shared to friends.
Social networks sharing for each songs.
No discrimination among artists or genres of music as everyone is welcome to So join now and your entertainment is Hypactive.

For more information, please call Kennedy on 08189356860 or Brain Banc Inc on 07011993236

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